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    Worcester Bosch Optional Boiler Controls

    Worcester Bosch manufactures a wide range of energy efficient controls to be used with its fantastic boilers, all of which offer different benefits. No matter which  Worcester Bosch Optional Boiler optional controls you choose, each one is designed to give you more control over your heating system. The brand’s boiler controls have also been developed to suit the needs of all lifestyles and include basic mechanical programmers, digital thermostats and internet-enabled smart controls to help improve boiler performance and enhance end-user comfort.

    It’s wonderful that Worcester Bosch gives you so much choice when it comes to optional boiler controls, but it can make it confusing to know which to buy. But, don’t worry. We’ve put together a guide to Worcester Bosch optional boiler controls to help make the selection process much easier.

    Worcester Bosch Simple Mechanical Timers

    Worcester Bosch currently offers two easy to use mechanical timers, which are the MT10 and the MT10RF. Both controls are classified as ‘simple’ and allow you to set your heating with a start and finish time using the teeth located on the dial. The MT10 is a boiler-mounted control, whereas the MT10RF is a wall-mounted control that consists of a transmitter and receiver which communicate wirelessly to each other, meaning no additional wiring is required. By improving efficiency, the MT10 and MT10RF can help to lower the cost of your heating bills.

    Worcester Bosch Digital Controls

    There are three different digital controls in the Worcester Bosch optional control range including the Greenstar Comfort Digital Programmer Professional, the Greenstar Comfort I Professional and the Greenstar Comfort II Programmable Room Thermostat and RF Receiver Professional. Let’s take a look at each control in more detail.

    Greenstar Comfort Digital Programmer Professional

    This is a twin channel programmer that plugs into the boiler, so it’s super-quick to install. It basically enables you to set up to three heating and hot water on and off times daily. It has a clear back-lit display, easy to understand menu navigation, a holiday mode and can adjust automatically to summer and winter modes.

    Greenstar Comfort I Professional

    The Greenstar Comfort I is an intelligent programmer that comes with a separate room thermostat. It simply plugs into the boiler and delivers a 3% ErP package efficiency increase when installed on a gas boiler. This control uses a wireless signal and allows you pre-set heating and hot water times.

    Greenstar Comfort II Programmable Room Thermostat and RF Receiver

    Again, this control needs to be plugged into the boiler and does not need wiring. The room thermostat gives you access to all control functions and it allows you to set six heating control and three hot water timings each day, giving you more control over energy efficiency.

    Worcester Bosch Intelligent Controls

    Worcester Bosch has six current intelligent control options, some of which provide external weather compensation. You can find out more about each one below.

    Outdoor Sensor Kit Professional

    Capable of providing a 2% ErP efficiency increase for Worcester Bosch gas boilers and a 1.5% increase for the Greenstar Heatslave II, the Outdoor Sensor Kit Professional is fitted outside so that it can monitor external temperatures to offer weather compensation. Because of this, it can adjust the boiler’s output in line with changes to the temperature outside. So, depending on the temperature outdoors, the control will tell the boiler to supply more or less heat.

    RC25 Room Thermostat

    The RC25 acts as a room thermostat and allows precise programming of the room’s temperature. It can be used with the Worcester Bosch RC35 control as well to achieve a 5% space heating efficiency increase. This control is really simple to use and makes life easier for you because temperatures can be changed without needing to touch the boiler. It also provides load and weather compensation.

    RC35 Digital Boiler Control / Programmer Professional

    One of the brand’s latest digital controls, the RC35 can only be used with the Worcester Bosch GB162 boiler. It offers complete control of the boiler and can be used together with the RC25 controller to allow separate heating circuits to be fine-tuned. In addition to ensuring optimum efficiency, this control features weather compensation for ultimate end-user comfort.

    4121 Wall Mounted Digital Control

    Designed to be used with the Worcester Bosch GB162 boiler, the 4121 is a boiler-mounted piece of kit that gives you optimal control of your heating system. It comes with a digital programmer that provides external weather compensation as well.

    Greenstar Sense I Intelligent Room Thermostat Professional

    Featuring a bright display and simple dial, the Greenstar Sense I can be used with either a mechanical timer (the MT10) or external 230v programmer. It has hidden intelligence, load compensation and can boost heating system efficiency by 3%.  

    Greenstar Sense II Weather Compensation Control Professional

    This controller has been created for those who want more from their heating system and offers maximum comfort and savings. It uses the very latest technology to balance the required room temperature with the external temperature and is even compatible with solar thermal systems to help save you more money. If you purchase this control for a Worcester Bosch Greenstar i, CDi Compact or Si Compact boiler, your boiler will achieve an ErP A+ rating.

    Worcester Bosch Smart Internet-Connected Controls

    Not only do Worcester Bosch smart controls enable you to control your heating via your smartphone or tablet but they also allow you to constantly monitor how much energy you’re using. They are the most expensive controls in the range, but they come with lots of impressive features.

    Wave Smart Control

    With its ability to have a smart conversation with your boiler, the Wave Smart is well-worth considering because it allows you to manage your heating and hot water from anywhere and at any time. It needs 2 wire connections between the boiler and the control and features load and weather compensation. Other benefits include:

    • Compatible with smart phones, tablets, Android watches and Apple watches
    • Free downloadable App
    • No external wire required
    • Let’s you know when you’re making savings
    • Holiday mode
    • Greenstar combi boilers achieve an A+ efficiency rating when used with the Wave
    • Learns homeowners behaviours and adapts accordingly

    Interestingly, multiple Wave controls can be managed from one smart device, making this optional control a great option for landlords.

    Bosch EasyControl

    Another control that lets you check your energy use at any time and heat your property when you’re not at home is the Bosch EasyControl. It’s one of Worcester Bosch’s newest controls and, like the Wave, needs 2 main wire connections and adapts to your behaviour and habits. Additional plus points include:

    • Complies with Boiler Plus legislation
    • Home presence detection (turns on when home and turns off when you’re not)
    • Easy to use and set up
    • Boosts ErP rating by 5% with 3 Bosch Smart TRVs
    • Increases ErP rating by 4% without TRVs
    • Load and weather compensation
    • No external wire required
    • Wall-mounted controller available in black or white
    • Integration with your smart home (IFTTT devices and Amazon Alexa)

    One of the neatest things about the Bosch EasyControl is that the thermostat automatically turns down your heating when you leave the house. It can also detect when you’re returning home and will turn your heating up to ensure you always walk into a warm and comfortable environment.

    Danny Tyler

    I am writer that specialises in the Home Improvement and DIY sector. I have been writing about the boiler market for the last 15 years.

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