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    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor External System Boilers

    The typical cost of Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor External System Boilers ranges between £1,812.00 and £2,648.72 including VAT and excluding installation.

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor External Regular Boilers

    Built with quality in mind, the Greenstar Danesmoor External System is a floor standing oil boiler that is designed to stay outside and be installed together with a cylinder for storing hot water.

    This heat only appliance features a robust cabinet and measures 950mm (H) x 565mm (W) x 780mm (D). In addition to being easy to install, service and maintain, the boiler offers you the highest levels of efficiency and comfort.

    This model by Worcester Bosch is ideal for small, medium and large properties because it is available in three outputs of 18kW, 25kW and 32kW. Prices start at around £1,812.00 and go up to £2,648.72, and a 2-year warranty is included in the cost.

    Boiler Energy Efficiency Credentials

    The Greenstar Danesmoor External System is an A rated boiler with an efficiency rating of 91%, so you can be confident that this appliance with help to reduce your energy usage and fuel bills. This boiler is compatible with Worcester Greensource air to water heat pumps, as well as Greenskies solar panels for a greener performance. These optional extras can also lower the cost of your heating and hot water, meaning you can save even more money when you choose to install them alongside the boiler.

    Greenstar Danesmoor External System Technology and Main Advantages

    Ideal for garden installation, the Greenstar Danesmoor External System has its own durable, weatherproof cabinet to protect the boiler from the elements. Plus, this cabinet is green powder coated so that it blends in with the outdoor world and your plant life. IP45 ingress protection has also been included to ensure the boiler delivers a higher level of performance even in the harshest of weather conditions.

    It includes most of the same components that can be found in a traditional heating system and is very quiet when busy providing you with lots of heating and hot water. Not only that, but the boiler can be used with Worcester Greenstore cylinders to provide significant performance improvements over your old traditional cylinder.

    The boiler features in-built frost protection to prevent the boiler from freezing, along with a flue kit and a plume management kit up to 4m or 5m (depending which size boiler you choose). And thanks to its primary heat exchanger with a one-piece baffle, this unit is quick and easy to service and maintain.

    Is the Greenstar Danesmoor External System the Right Boiler Type and Size for Your Home?

    With three outputs to choose between, this boiler is perfect for your small, medium or large sized home and if interior space is limited because it can be stored outside. It’s also suitable if you need a constant supply of hot water to multiple bathrooms and taps at the same time or are away from a mains gas supply. And as there is no need for a tank in the loft with the Greenstar Danesmoor External System, it is a great choice if you have little or no loft space. Please use this information and a rough guide, and always ask with a qualified engineer to help you choose the right size boiler for your home.


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    A-rated combi boiler Save money on your gas bill
    Installed outsideFrees up space within your home
    Contained within a robust green powder coated cabinetProtects boiler from the elements and blends in with your garden
    Frost protectionNo risk of frost damage
    Quick and easy to service and maintainCuts time and costs
    Compatible with Greenskies solar panels Alternative energy and cost savings option
    Compatible with Greenstore hot water cylindersIncreases your water performance
    2-year parts and labour warrantyIncreases your water performance

    Our Honest Opinion of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor External Regular

    If you are looking for a regular heating system and do not have a lot of spare interior space, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor External Regular could be the one for you. It is a highly efficient and extremely quiet boiler that can help to slash your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

    This oil-fired appliance is part of Worcester’s very popular Greenstar series and has already proven itself as one of the most reliable floor standing outdoor boilers out there today. You can even combine the unit with Greenstore hot water cylinders to maximise water performance and use it with Greenskies solar panels to save big on your fuel bills.

    We really like the fact that Worcester has not forgotten about looks and has provided a special green coloured cabinet to ensure the boiler does not look out of place in your back garden. This cabinet is also insulated and weather-proof to provide the boiler with all the protection it could possibly need.

    Advice on Boiler Quotes and OFTEC Registered Technicians

    When obtaining Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor External System quotes, make sure you liaise with local and national installers and ask for a fixed price on both the boiler and installation work. This way, you’ll find the best deal available and avoid being charged for any hidden extras. We must also stress that it’s crucial to check that your chosen engineer is OFTEC registered to confirm that they are fully qualified to work on your new oil-fired boiler. You can do this by viewing the details on their ID card or by checking the official OFTEC Register online. If you do not check, you are putting the safety of both your family and home at risk.


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