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    Alpha E-Tec Plus Combi Boilers

    You can expect to pay anything between £838.13 and £929.33 for the Alpha E-Tec Plus Combi Boiler, which includes VAT and excludes installation.

    Alpha E-Tec Plus Combi

    Ideal for small to medium-sized homes, the Alpha E-Tec Plus Combi is a compact gas combination boiler that features condensing technology and energy efficient components.

    As it measures 712mm (H) x 440mm (W) x 268mm (D), it can be installed in a standard kitchen cupboard or located in another tight space within the home. The boiler is designed to suit the needs of different households and is available in two outputs of 28kW and 33kW.

    Alpha’s E-Tec Plus Combi typically costs between £838.13 and £929.33, which includes a rather generous 7-year warranty as standard.

    Boiler Energy Efficiency Credentials

    Boasting an efficiency rating of 93%, the E-Tec Plus Combi is an ErP A rated boiler that can help to lower your fuel bills. This model is manufactured with a high efficiency Grundfos pump, which is one of the best in the business for reducing consumption and saving money. The boiler is also set up to be used with OpenTherm technology, meaning you can choose to use the appliance with the very latest intelligent controls to deliver significant energy and cost savings.

    E-Tec Plus Combi Technology and Main Advantages

    This attractive model is one of Alpha’s newest offerings to benefit from a whole host of decent features. It has a stainless steel heat exchanger to provide a high resistance to corrosion and increase boiler life, as well as a Grundfos pump that moves energy in an efficient manner. Both of these components also help to ensure you always have access to instant hot water.

    The range includes two output sizes with different maximum hot water flow rates, which are as follows:

    • E-Tec Plus 28kW Combi – 12.1 litres per minute
    • E-Tec Plus 33kW Combi – 14.1 litres per minute

    Due to its compact size, your installer won’t have any trouble fitting the boiler in small spaces including inside a kitchen or utility room cupboard. It also allows for quick and easy servicing as the components can be accessed from the front of the unit.

    When it comes to boiler management, the E-Tec Plus Combi has push-button controls and a backlit LCD display to make adjusting temperatures a breeze. Plus, you have the option to purchase additional controls, such as a GasSaver, Climatic control and weather compensation probe.

    Is the Alpha E-Tec Plus Combi the Right Boiler Type and Size for Your Home?

    With two outputs on offer, the Alpha E-Tec Plus Combi is best suited to apartments and small to medium-sized houses. As no separate tanks or cylinders are needed with this one, the boiler is also a smart option for homes where loft and storage space is limited. The lower output of 28kW is ideal for smaller properties with smaller needs, and the higher 33kW output unit is best for larger homes with higher demands. But remember, this is just a rough guide, and you must always ask a Gas Safe engineer to help you determine the right boiler model and size for your property.


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    A-rated combi boilerSave money on your gas bills
    Kitchen cupboard fit Space-saving solution
    Stainless steel heat exchanger Improves performance and efficiency
    High efficiency Grundfos pump Maximises efficiency and lowers running costs
    Backlit LCD display and push-button controls User-friendly
    Easy front access to components Reduces maintenance costs
    Compatible with energy saving controls Alternative energy and cost saving options
    7-year parts and labour warranty Confidence and peace of mind

    Our Honest Opinion of the Alpha E-Tec Plus Combi

    Designed for energy efficiency and to provide you with hot water in seconds, the E-Tec Plus Combi is a great choice if you want a space-saving boiler that doesn’t cost the earth. It certainly has some strong points and has even been built to be easily installed and maintained, which should help to reduce engineer costs. And, provided this model is looked after and properly maintained, it will perform well throughout its life.

    You’ll be pleased to know that Alpha has a good overall review score of 4.8 out of 5 on its website, with many customers praising the brand’s boilers, engineers and aftercare service. As for this particular boiler, it’s a powerful unit with a lengthy 7-year warranty – which isn’t bad considering the affordable price tag.

    Advice on Boiler Quotes and Gas Safe Engineers

    If your engineer suggests that the Alpha E-Tec Plus Combi is a good solution for your home, we recommend you shop around for a range of quotes to enable you to compare prices and find the best deal available. We must also stress the importance of choosing a Gas Safe registered engineer who is fully qualified to carry out the fitting work. To confirm the registration status of an installer, ask to view their ID card or check the official Gas Safe Register online. Also, don’t forget that you can use our free quotation service to receive no-obligation quotes from registered installers that are located in or near your area.


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