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    Ideal Vogue Max System Boilers

    You will need to spend between £922.54 and £1,209.27 (including VAT and excluding installation) to purchase the Ideal Vogue Max System Boiler.

    Ideal Vogue Max System Boilers

    Designed to allow for a quick installation, the Vogue Max System is a premium wall-hung boiler that features an Ideal system filter.

    The unit measures 740mm (H) x 445mm (W) x 330mm (D) and combines innovative boiler technology with top quality components. You will need a hot water cylinder with this model, which has been designed with a range of outputs including 15kW, 15kW, 26kW and 32kW.

    The amount you will need to spend on the boiler will depend on which output you require, with prices starting at £922.24 and going up to £1,209.27. It comes with a standard 10-year warranty on the boiler and filter or you can opt for a 12-year boiler guarantee provided the appliance is installed by a Max accredited installer.

    Boiler Energy Efficiency Credentials

    Made right here in the UK, the Ideal Vogue Max System is ErP heating compliant and SEDBUK A rated. It is a fully modulating boiler with an official efficiency rating of 91%, meaning it works hard to make sure you reduce those energy bills. The boiler is also compatible with a range of optional Ideal accessories and controls which help to enhance efficiency and end-user comfort levels. Additional control options include a weather compensation kit, mechanical timer and radio frequency electronic programmable thermostat.

    Vogue Max System Technology and Main Advantages

    This system boiler by Ideal can be sited in or near busy rooms because it’s extremely quiet when in use thanks to its fully insulated casing. As it’s a single piece unit with a low lift weight, your installer won’t have to spend much time on installation – which helps to cut fitting costs.

    Ideal has included a simple user interface with large full colour LCD display that features plain text and graphics. It also has full text and support modes for all faults to ensure minimal downtime when repairs are needed. Plus, it features a service timer with telephone number display function that is designed to inform you when your yearly boiler service is due.

    Other features include an easy to read pressure gauge, Ideal system filter and built-in frost protection. The system filter has been added to reduce energy wastage and efficiency loss and will protect the central heating system by removing black iron oxide debris.

    Is the Ideal Vogue Max System the Right Boiler Type and Size for Your Home?

    Available in four outputs, this model will suit smaller homes with lower heating and hot water needs, as well as larger properties with higher heating and hot water demands. It’s also a great option for homes that have little or no loft space because it only requires a cylinder for storing hot water. As it’s impossible to say what output you’ll need without assessing your home and usage habits, you must get a Gas Safe engineer to do this before parting with any money.


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    A-rated combi boiler Save money on your gas bills
    NOx Class 5 – Best in classEnvironmentally friendly
    LCD full colour displaySimple to operate
    Service timer with telephone number displayEnsures you never miss an annual service
    Full text support for fault modesReduces engineer call out times
    Built-in frost protection Prevents cold weather damage
    Features only the best components availableEnhances boiler longevity
    10-year warranty on boiler and filterConfidence and peace of mind
    12-year boiler warranty when installed by a Max accredited installer Added peace of mind

    Our Honest Opinion of the Ideal Vogue System Combi

    We think the Ideal Vogue Max System is an excellent boiler that is ultra efficient and economical to run – and we’re not the only ones. Many homeowners and engineers have said that this appliance works like a dream and has helped to maximise comfort and energy savings. Many consumers have also commented on the boiler’s stylish aesthetics, saying it looks neat and tidy on a wall.

    You’ll also be interested to know that the unit is quiet and well-made but it isn’t quite small enough to be installed in a kitchen cupboard. However, if you prefer to keep the boiler out of sight and out of mind, it should fit into a larger cabinet or can be kept in your utility room.

    Whilst the Vogue Max System comes with a 10-year guarantee (or 12 if you upgrade), it will only be valid if you get your boiler serviced every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Call out costs shouldn’t be too bad though as this model is quick and easy to service.

    Advice on Boiler Quotes and Gas Safe Engineers

    When shopping around for Ideal Vogue Max System Boilers, we recommend you compare at least three quotes to find the best deal available. You also need to get quotes on the installation work so that you know how much everything is going to cost you. And we must stress how important it is to choose a Gas Safe engineer, as this proves that the installation professional is legally permitted to fit your new boiler. To find out the qualifications and registration status of an individual or business, view the installer’s ID card or check the official Gas Safe Register online. Don’t forget, you can use our free online service to receive quotes from installers that are already listed on the register.


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