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    Alpha boilers are designed to meet the needs of different sized homes, with prices ranging from £625.00 to £3,773

    The boilers currently available from Alpha include both combi and system boilers that come in a variety of styles and outputs to suit most property types and sizes.

    Each model on offer is A-rated for energy efficiency, so you can be confident that you’ll get an economical boiler that can help to reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on your energy bills.

    About Alpha Heating Innovation

    Based in the UK, Alpha Heating Innovation is a reputable boiler brand with over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing quality heating appliances. Alpha is dedicated to continually improving its product range by using the very best components to produce high-performance boilers that are compatible with energy-saving controls and accessories.

    The company offers customers six existing lines including four combi boilers and two system models which come in a range of heat outputs from 20kW to 115kW. Alpha is also part of the Italian-owned Immergas Group, one of Europe’s leading heating solution manufacturers that boasts some of the world’s most advanced production facilities.

    Alpha Combi Boiler Prices Range Between £625.00 and £1,795.00 and are Highly Efficient and Reasonably Priced

    The Alpha combi boiler range consists of four unique models including the Evoke, E-Tec, E-Tec Plus and Intec GS, all of which feature a high-efficiency Grundfos pump and stainless steel heat exchanger. They also have user-friendly controls and are designed to make installation, servicing and maintenance much neater and quicker.

    With the exception of the Intec GS, Alpha’s combi boilers are small enough to fit inside a kitchen cupboard. However, like all combination boilers, all four models are considered space-saving solutions that allow you to make the most of your loft and airing cupboard space as they can provide central heating and hot water on demand without the need for separate tanks or cylinders.

    Since there are different outputs and flow rates available, Alpha combi boiler prices vary and typically start from £625.00 and go up to £1,795.00 including VAT and excluding installation. Each model comes with a standard 5-year warranty, apart from the E-Tec Plus which has a 7-year guarantee.

    Alpha Combi Boiler Prices

    Alpha E-TEC 28 Combi H - 712 mm
    W - 440 mm
    D - 255 mm
    12.1 28 KW£ 689.00
    Alpha E-TEC 33 Combi H - 712 mm
    W - 440 mm
    D - 255 mm
    14.1 33 KW£ 729.00
    Alpha E-TEC PLUS 28 CombiH - 712 mm
    W - 440 mm
    D - 268 mm
    12.1 28 KW£ 838.13
    Alpha E-TEC PLUS 33 CombiH - 712 mm
    W - 440 mm
    D - 268 mm
    14.1 33 KW£ 929.33
    Alpha Evoke 28 CombiH - 712 mm
    W - 440 mm
    D - 255 mm
    12.1 28 KW£ 625.00
    Alpha Evoke 33 CombiH - 712 mm
    W - 440 mm
    D - 255 mm
    14.1 33 KW£ 655.00
    Alpha Intec GS 30GS CombiH - 1000 mm
    W - 440 mm
    D - 360 mm
    12.8 26 KW£ 1,733.45
    Alpha Intec GS 40GS CombiH - 1000 mm
    W - 440 mm
    D - 360 mm
    15.8 33.7 KW£ 1,795.00

    Alpha System Boiler Prices Range Between £834.48 and £3,773.94 and are Perfect for Homes with Greater Demands

    Alpha’s system boiler range is ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms and properties with larger needs because it boasts extremely high output solutions that can stand up to the very highest of heating and hot water demands. The range includes the E-Tec S in a 20kW or 30kW output, as well as the Protec Plus which is suitable for cascade installations or can be purchased as a single unit in an output of either 50kW, 70kW, 90kW or 115kW.

    Both models have the main heating and hot water components built into the units themselves, so there is no need for a water tank in the loft but they do require a cylinder for storing hot water (usually stored in an airing cupboard). As these boilers work alongside a cylinder, they can provide a constant supply of instant hot water to more than one tap, shower or bath at the same time.

    You’ll need to pay between £834.48 and £3,773.94 in order to own an Alpha system boiler, which does not include the cost of installation. Of course, the exact amount you’ll need to spend will depend on which model and output are recommended for your home. When it comes to cover, the E-Tec S is supplied with a standard 5-year warranty and the Protec Plus has a 3-year guarantee.

    Alpha System Boiler Prices

    Alpha E-TEC S 20SSystemH - 712 mm
    W - 440 mm
    D - 255 mm
    N/A 20 KW£834.48
    Alpha E-TEC S 30S SystemH - 712 mm
    W - 440 mm
    D - 255 mm
    N/A 30 KW£ 901.06
    Alpha Protec Plus 50 SystemH - 843 mm
    W - 442 mm
    D - 457 mm
    N/A 50 KW£ 2,233.14
    Alpha Protec Plus 70SystemH - 1038 mm
    W - 600 mm
    D - 502 mm
    N/A 70 KW£ 3,492.28
    Alpha Protec Plus 90
    SystemH - 1038 mm
    W - 600 mm
    D - 632 mm
    N/A 90 KW£ 3,367.14
    Alpha Protec Plus 115 SystemH - 1038 mm
    W - 600 mm
    D - 632 mm
    N/A 115 KW£ 3,773.94

    Danny Tyler

    I am writer that specialises in the Home Improvement and DIY sector. I have been writing about the boiler market for the last 15 years.

    Always Compare Alpha Boiler Prices and Installation Costs

    Once you’ve found out which Alpha boiler is most suitable for your property, we suggest you get quotes from at least a few qualified engineers so that you can compare the cost of the appliance and the installation. Fitting costs can vary significantly, so you’ll need to shop around if you want to save money and find the best deal. When comparing prices, bear in mind the manufacturer guarantees as Alpha accredited installers may be able to offer you an extended warranty on your boiler.

    Choose a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

    It’s crucial to always use an engineer who is on the Gas Safe Register to fit your Alpha boiler. Having said that, not all registered professionals are qualified to carry out all types of gas work, so it’s up to you to find out if your engineer is legally allowed to install your gas boiler. For confirmation that the engineer is registered for the work you need them to do, simply ask to view their Gas Safe ID card which should clearly show their photo, qualifications, licence number, security hologram and start and expiry dates. Alternatively, you can visit the official Gas Safe Register website to check the credentials and registration status of an engineer or business.


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    1. Hi my current boiler is Alpha Boiler CD12S heating load of between 2.4 and 12.8 KW ( 8 200 and 43 650Btu/h) which needs replacing.
      Can you please give me a quote for similar new boiler.

      1. I’m looking for information to install alpha gas boiler plus radiators for a (church )large area… is green gas ready will be green and gas ready… we have a number of gas heaters now which are coming to the end of there life… can you give me a website which gives me this type of information… and incoming innovations Green gas …. I have been talking to one of your excellent service personnel…

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