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    Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Combi Boilers

    The Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Combi Boiler typically costs between £858.00 and £1,090.46 including VAT and excluding installation.

    Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Combi Boilers

    This cupboard-fit combination boiler by Vaillant allows for installation in the snuggest areas of your property, all thanks to its compact dimensions which measure 700mm (H) x 390mm (W) x 295mm (D).

    It can be purchased in three different outputs including 25kW, 30kW and 35kW with maximum hot water flow rates of 10.4, 12.4 and 14.4 respectively. What’s more, the ecoFIT Pure Combi heats water directly from the mains, so you don’t need a cold water tank or hot water cylinder with this one.

    As it comes in a number of options, the boiler is ideal for most small, medium and large-sized properties and will set you back anything between £858.00 and £1,090.46. You will be given a standard 2-year warranty with this appliance but can upgrade to a free 7-year warranty if the boiler is installed by a Vaillant Advance engineer.

    Boiler Energy Efficiency Credentials

    The Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Combi is A rated for heating and hot water under the ErP (Energy-related Products) Directive and has an official efficiency rating of 89%. It features a high specification heat exchanger that is constructed from aluminium to help lower your energy bills, increase the life of the boiler and make maintenance easy for your engineer. Although highly efficient as it comes, this appliance is compatible with all Vaillant controls and accessories, such as the vSMART intelligent room controller that enables you to control your heating and hot water via a smartphone app.

    ecoFIT Pure Combi Technology and Main Advantages

    Launched in 2016, the ecoFIT Pure Combi has a clear LED display for easier installation and use, regardless of whether the boiler is installed in a well-lit or dimly lit area of the home. It has also been developed with recognisable Vaillant fault codes to ensure your engineer can diagnose any problems easily and sort them out quickly.

    The boiler comes with top and rear flue options and a 10-metre flue run to enable the unit to be sited just about anywhere you wish. Not forgetting the automotive grade aluminium heat exchanger and its energy bill cutting capabilities, as well as the 4-sided cooling and water agitation of the heat exchanger to help reduce stress on this particular component and minimise maintenance costs.

    You’ll also be pleased to learn that this boiler boasts ultra-quiet operation and has been Quiet Mark approved.

    Is the Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Combi the Right Boiler Type and Size for Your Home?

    Vaillant’s ecoFIT Pure Combi is available in three outputs, each of which will fit the needs of different property types and sizes. For example, the 25kW model is best suited to apartments and smaller houses with 1 bathroom and around 10 radiators, whereas the 30kW version is ideal for medium-sized homes with 1 bathroom, 1 ensuite and roughly 15 radiators. Then there’s the 35kW ecoFIT Pure Combi, which is a practical option for large properties with 2 bathrooms and up to 20 radiators. That said, this information won’t be accurate for every home, so you must ask a Gas Safe engineer to confirm which boiler type and output you require.


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    A-rated combi boiler Save money on your gas bills
    High specification heat exchangerHelps to reduce your energy bills
    Top and rear flue optionsAllows flexible siting possibilities
    Clear LED display Delivers clear visibility in poor light conditions
    Quiet Mark approvedUltra-quiet whilst in operation
    Compatible with Vaillant controlsAlternative energy and cost saving options
    2-year parts and labour warrantyConfidence and peace of mind
    Free 7-year warranty upgrade when installed by a Vaillant Advance installer (promotion until 31/12/18) Extra peace of mind at no extra cost

    Our Honest Opinion of the Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Combi

    Not only is the ecoFIT Pure Combi a great value boiler that is suitable for just about any flat, bungalow or house but it has the ability to cut the cost of your heating bills. This boiler is also an excellent solution if you want to to keep installation, maintenance and servicing costs low because Valiant has made it easy for your engineer to fit and look after the appliance.

    The entire boiler is built using high-quality components and materials to give it a longer life, and you can use this combi with a wide range of optional Vaillant controls to improve performance and efficiency. In addition to all of those lovely benefits, you never have to worry about noise disruption – even if you decide to keep it in or near a high-traffic zone.

    Just in case you aren’t aware, Vaillant is up there with the very best boiler brands and is well-known for manufacturing reliable products that boast German engineering. But because all of Vaillant’s boilers are actually manufactured in the UK, your engineer won’t have any trouble sourcing accessories and replacement parts if needed.

    Advice on Boiler Quotes and Gas Safe Engineers

    Think the Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Combi could be the right boiler for your home? Then it’s time to compare quotes. When getting in contact with installers, make sure you liaise with both national and local professionals and always ask for a fixed price on the boiler and fitting work. By doing so, you’ll find the best deal and avoid any hidden fees. You must also ensure your chosen installer is Gas Safe registered, which you can do by viewing the details on their ID card or checking the official Gas Safe Register online.


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