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    Baxi Megaflo System boilers

    With five heat outputs available, the Baxi Megaflo System Boiler ranges between £716.40 and £909.62 including VAT and excluding the cost of installation.

    Baxi Megaflo System boilers

    Designed to save you money on your energy bills, the Baxi Megaflo System is a condensing wall-mounted boiler that measures 780mm (H) x 450mm (W) x 345mm (D).

    As this model comes in five different outputs from 15kW to 32kW, it’s ideal for almost every household in the UK. The boiler is a particularly good choice for properties with more than one bathroom because it requires an additional cylinder for storing hot water and can stand up to high heating and hot water demands.

    The Megaflo System typically costs between £716.40 and £909.62, which includes a 7-year parts and labour warranty for peace of mind.

    Boiler Energy Efficiency Credentials

    Baxi’s Megaflo System is a SEDBUK A-rated boiler that boasts not just high efficiency credentials but also environmental benefits to help cut the cost of your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. It is also Energy Saving Trust endorsed, which means this appliance has met industry standards for energy performance and can provide warmth and comfort while using less energy. What’s more, the boiler can save you even more money when used with an industry-leading Megaflo Eco Cylinder or Baxi Solarflo thermal hot water system.

    Megalflo System Technology and Main Advantages

    This condensing system boiler by Baxi is an ideal option for families with young children because it features concealed user controls. It comes fully equipped with a wall-mounted jig, integral filling loop and 1-metre mains cable to make installation quicker, and therefore keeps fitting costs to a minimum. Also, the Megaflo System is compatible with a wide range of flue lengths, enabling you to choose where you would like the boiler to be installed within your property.

    As the Megaflo System offers front access to all components, boiler servicing is quick and straightforward to carry out. The boiler is also significantly quieter compared to old system boilers, meaning this unit can be installed in or near a busy room and you will not be distracted by any noise.

    Is the Baxi Megaflo System the right Boiler Type and Size for Your Home?

    When choosing a boiler, it’s important to buy one that has enough power to heat your home effectively. The Baxi Megaflo System is available in outputs of 15kW, 18kW, 24kW, 28kW and 32kW to fit all sizes of properties and suit homes with multiple bathrooms. Obviously, the higher your demand for heating and hot water, the higher the output will need to be. So, if you live in a flat or small house and don’t use a lot of hot water at once, you may want to consider the 15kW or 18kW unit. However, if your home is large and your demands are greater, you might be better off with the 24kW, 28kW or 32kW Megaflo System. As is always the case, you must ask a Gas Safe engineer to help you determine the right boiler output for your home.


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    A-rated conventional boilerSave money on your gas bill
    Class 5 NOx rating Environmentally friendly
    Concealed user controls Ideal for families
    Easy to use controlsUser-friendly
    Easy to install and serviceSaves time and money
    Compatible with Megaflo Eco Cylinder and Baxi Solarflo solar thermalAlternative energy and cost saving options
    7-year parts and labour warranty Confidence and peace of mind

    Our Honest Opinion of the Baxi Megaflo System

    An innovator in the provision of high-efficiency award winning boilers, Baxi’s priority has always been to combine excellent performance with superior craftsmanship – and the Megaflo System offers you precisely that. Capable of achieving efficiencies as high as 88.6%, this unit is one of the most economic boilers in its class and will help you save on your energy bills. The boiler also achieves ultra-low NOx emissions, helping to make a difference to your footprint by reducing your carbon emissions.

    We love how Baxi has really thought about the end-user when developing this model with its feature-rich and user-friendly design. It’s also easy to install and maintain, so engineer fees shouldn’t be overly expensive either. If you want a good value for money system boiler with a great warranty, don’t overlook the Baxi Megaflo System.

    Advice on Boiler Quotes and Gas Safe Engineers

    Although reasonably priced, the Baxi Megaflo System is a significant investment, so it makes sense to get several quotes on the boiler and installation in order to find the best deal. We suggest you contact local and national suppliers and ask for a fixed price quote to avoid any hidden charges. You also need to be aware that your boiler must be fitted by a qualified Gas Safe engineer to ensure the work is done safely and legally. To check the qualifications and registration of a professional, you can run a search at the Gas Safe Register website or ask to view the details on their Gas Safe ID card. If you want to save time and hassle, feel free to use our online service to get no-obligation boiler related quotes.


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