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    Vokera Evolve System Boilers

    You can expect to pay anything between £868.80 and £1,012.80 for a Vokera Evolve System Boiler, which includes VAT and excludes installation.

    Vokera Evolve System Boilers

    This compact wall mounted boiler must be installed together with a hot water cylinder and has been developed to combine long-term performance and energy efficiency to benefit the end-user.

    Its small dimensions measure 740mm (H) x 420mm (W) x 275mm (D), which means it can be kept almost anywhere in the home and will even fit in a standard sized kitchen cupboard. The boiler is also feature rich and available in four outputs including 18kW, 24kW, 30kW and 35kW.

    Vokera’s Evolve System comes with a 7-year warranty as standard but can be covered by a 10-year warranty when installed with a BeSMART control. Prices start at £868.80 and go up to £1,012.80, and the range includes options suitable for small, medium and large homes.

    Boiler Energy Efficiency Credentials

    Boasting an impressive efficiency rating of 94%, the Vokera Evolve System is an A rated boiler that complies with the ErP (Energy-related Products) Directive. But if you decide to use the boiler with an optional Vokera BeSMART internet-connected thermostat, it becomes A+ rated and efficiency levels can be improved by a further 4%. The appliance also has an efficiency indicator with screen that displays whether the unit is operating at ‘High’ or ‘Optimal’ efficiency.

    Evolve System Technology and Main Advantages

    The Evolve System is a user-friendly boiler that features a REC10 liquid crystal clear display user interface with a full text menu driven control. This enables you to navigate through the settings with ease and program heating on off at times in a matter of seconds. This easy to understand REC10 interface also provides full diagnostics to aid your service engineer.

    Other key features include built-in frost protection to eliminate the risk of frost damage during the colder months, ACC (active combustion control) to reduce carbon emissions and an anti-seize function to prevent the pump and motorised valve from sticking. The Evolve System also has a superb 7:1 modulation ration which helps to maximise efficiency and user comfort, along with a carbon monoxide monitor which shuts down the boiler when excess carbon monoxide is present.

    In addition to all of those features, the boiler comes with a pre-fixing jig and built-in filling loop, pump kick function, concealed service valves and embedded time clock to make the Evolve System easy to install.

    Is the Vokera Evolve System the Right Boiler Type and Size for Your Home?

    Since this system offers a variety of outputs, it will suit most small, medium and large properties in need of a constant supply of hot water to any number of taps at any one time. It’s a space-saving solution that can fit perfectly into many locations including a kitchen cupboard, so the boiler is also great for homes where space is limited. You will, however, need a hot water cylinder with this one. The 18kW and 24kW Evolve System units are better suited to smaller dwellings, the 30kW version will be best for medium-sized homes and the 35kW is ideal for larger properties with a greater demand for heating and hot water. Since this is only a rough guide, we recommend you always ask a Gas Safe engineer to assess your usage habits and help you choose the right size model.


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    Compact and lightweight Can be placed almost anywhere in the home
    A-rated combi boiler Save money on your gas bill
    Choice of natural gas of LPG model straight out of the boxNo hassle and no need for a conversion kit
    Designed for easy installation Saves time and costs
    Exceptional modulation ratio of 7:1Maximises efficiency and end-user comfort
    Built-in carbon monoxide monitorIncreases safety
    REC10 interface Easy to navigate and program heating times
    Compatible with optional BeSMART thermostatBoiler becomes A+ rated and efficiency levels can be improved by 4%.
    7-year parts and labour warranty as standardConfidence and peace of mind
    10-year guarantee when installed with BeSMART Additional protection and improves efficiency

    Our Honest Opinion of the Vokera Evolve System

    The Evolve System is Vokera’s best ever system boiler with the ability to reduce your energy usage and slash your energy bills by £200. This is made possible by attaching the optional BeSMART thermostat we mentioned earlier, which boosts efficiency and improves user comfort.

    As the Evolve works with both natural gas and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) straight out of the box, your installer doesn’t have to mess around with a conversion kit. And because the boiler is loaded with various advanced and installer-friendly features, the installation work can be completed in a timely manner.

    We particularly like the carbon monoxide monitor which alerts you by shutting down the boiler when any excess carbon monoxide is detected. What’s more, the system will not run until the issue has been fixed by a service engineer.

    Vokera’s Evolve System seems to be a really nice appliance that allows you to not only control heating and hot water times but also save a stack of money. It seems as though Vokera has really upped its game with this boiler.

    Advice on Boiler Quotes and Gas Safe Engineers

    If you feel the Vokera Evolve System is the right boiler for your home, don’t forget to compare quotes from local and national installers so you never miss out on the best deals. And remember to ask for a fixed price on the boiler and installation work to avoid any nasty hidden fees. You must also only work with engineers that are listed on the Gas Safe Register – which is now a legal requirement. Simply check the register online or ask to view your installers Gas Safe ID card to check whether they are legally allowed to work on your new boiler. If you don’t check, you could be putting your family and property at risk.


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