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    Ariston Clas HE Regular Boilers

    The Ariston Clas HE Regular Boiler will set you back around £640.95 including VAT and excluding the cost of installation.

    Ariston Clas HE Regular

    The Clas HE Regular by Ariston is a highly efficient boiler that is an excellent replacement in an open vented system and best suited to properties with greater hot water demands.

    As it’s a regular boiler (also known as conventional, traditional or heat only boiler), it requires a separate cold water tank and hot water storage cylinder. This innovative model has an output of 24kW and extremely compact dimensions that measure just 595mm (H) x 400mm (W) x 295mm (D).

    You can expect to pay around £640.95 for the Clas HE Regular, which is backed by a standard 5-year warranty.

    Boiler Energy Efficiency Credentials

    With an overall energy efficiency rating of 90.4%, the Ariston Clas HE Regular is an A ErP rated boiler and Energy Saving Trust recommended. It comes with ‘auto’ function technology, ensuring a comfortable temperature is reached inside your home in the quickest way possible and without wasting energy to help save you money on your fuel bills. This boiler is also compatible with a range of wired and wireless controls that can boost performance, comfort levels and cost savings.

    Clas HE Regular Technology and Main Advantages

    Although a compact boiler, the Clas HE Regular boasts lots of impressive features. It has a heat exchanger that is made from stainless steel to protect the component from corrosion, therefore increasing the life of the boiler. This alone should help to minimise maintenance costs.

    The boiler comes with an anti-frost device to keep the boiler protected during the cold months of the year, along with an auto-diagnostic system that can identify any faults that might occur. It can also help to optimise your heating control as it has two temperature zone capability, allowing you to set different heating times in two areas of your home.

    Ariston’s Clas HE Regular includes a decent user panel with backlit display, control knobs and buttons to make life easy when setting and adjusting temperatures. In addition to this, you can add on some optional controls including a room thermostat for greater levels of comfort.

    Is the Ariston Clas HE Regular the Right Boiler Type and Size for Your Home?

    As this model requires a separate cylinder and tank, it’s ideal for homes with a traditional heating and hot water system. The Clas HE Regular is also a great option for properties with low mains pressure. By being available in a 24kW output, the boiler is suitable for medium-sized dwellings with more than 1 bathroom. However, this information won’t be accurate for every home of this size, so you must ask a Gas Safe engineer to take a look at your house and assess your heating and hot water usage habits to determine if this boiler best fits your unique requirements.


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    A-rated combi boilerSave money on your gas bills
    Stainless steel heat exchangerBoiler longevity and minimises maintenance
    Auto function Consumes less gas and electricity
    Anti-frost device Prevents cold weather damage
    Two temperature zone capability Different heating times in different zonesc
    Clear display panel and intuitive buttons User-friendly
    Compatible with energy saving controlsAlternative energy and cost saving options
    5-year parts and labour warranty Confidence and peace of mind

    Our Honest Opinion of the Ariston Clas HE Regular

    One of the most impressive features belonging to the Ariston Clas HE Regular is the auto technology because it allows the boiler to adapt to environmental conditions quickly and in an efficient manner. So, when you press the ‘auto’ button on the control panel, the appliance will automatically choose the right output for the central heating and reach the set temperature.

    We think the two temperature zone technology is also worth highlighting again as it enables two zones to be managed independently. But that’s not all. This special feature also saves you time and effort whilst helping to cut carbon emissions and your energy bills. In terms of overall value for money, this has to be one of the better low-cost regular boilers available right now. Plus, the Clas HE Regular has a 5-year warranty, which isn’t bad when you consider its price tag.

    Advice on Boiler Quotes and Gas Safe Engineers

    If you’re interested in the Ariston Clas HE Regular for your home, remember to get at least three quotes on the boiler and installation so that you can compare prices and make sure you’re getting the best deal. It’s also vitally important to choose an installer who is Gas Safe registered and fully qualified to carry out the fitting work. It’s easy to check, simply ask to view the details on the engineer’s ID card or run a search at the Gas Safe Register website. Don’t forget, you can save time by using our free online service to obtain no-obligation quotes from some of the UK’s most trusted boiler providers and Gas Safe installers.


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    1. Ariston Clas HE Regular 24 is a Heat only so why do you describe it as a comby in your chart of specifications?
      Frank R

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