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    Ideal Independent Combi Boilers

    With three outputs available, the Ideal Independent Combi Boiler ranges between £625.36 and £749.09 including VAT and excluding installation.

    Ideal Independent Combi Boilers

    The Ideal Independent Combi is a high-efficiency combination boiler that provides both central heating and instantaneous hot water.

    It’s a compact unit that measures 700mm (H) x 395mm (W) x 278mm (D) and will fit in most places including in a standard sized kitchen cupboard. Available in three heating outputs of 24kW, 30kW and 35kW, this model is designed to suit a variety of households with different heating and hot water demands.

    Perfect for properties with limited space, the Independent Combi comes with a standard 5-year warranty and will set you back anything between £625.36 and £749.09.

    Boiler Energy Efficiency Credentials

    Ideal’s Independent Combi is a SEDBUK A-rated appliance with a 91% efficiency rating. By being a condensing boiler, it will automatically adjust its output to match your heating requirements, helping to reduce gas consumption. This model is also compatible with an optional energy saving weather compensation control, which automatically responds to changes in the weather outside and adjusts the boiler output to achieve your desired room temperature.

    Independent Combi Technology and Main Advantages

    One of the major selling points of the Ideal Independent Combi is the built-in 24-hour mechanical timer that enables you to set the on and off heating times. The boiler features frost protection that operates in all modes and activates when the appliance falls below a certain temperature to avoid freezing. To prevent the appliance condensate from freezing, this model also has its own siphonic condensate trap system.

    The range includes three output sizes with different maximum hot water flow rates, which are as follows:

    • Independent C24 – 9.9 litres per minute
    • Independent C30 – 12.4 litres per minute
    • Independent C35 – 14.5 litres per minute

    Other key features include a digital operating and fault diagnosis display, as well as a preheat function for speedy hot water delivery.

    Is the Ideal Independent Combi the Right Boiler Type and Size for Your Home?

    As the boiler comes in three outputs and offers a choice of hot water flow rates, the Independent Combi is ideal for small, medium and large properties. If you live in a small flat or house with 1 bathroom and no more than 10 radiators, the C24 (24kW + 9.9 litres per minute) is a great option. The C30 is probably best if your home is slightly larger with 1 bathroom, 1 ensuite and around 15 radiators, and the C35 unit is suitable for a large house with 2 bathrooms and up to 20 radiators. But remember, this information is just a rough guide and you must always ask a Gas Safe engineer to assess your home and usage habits before you purchase a new boiler.


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    A-rated combi boiler Save money on your gas bills
    Mechanical timer fitted as standardAdded energy efficiency
    Built-in frost protectionPrevents cold weather damage
    Siphonic condensate trap systemReduces risk of condensate freezing
    DHW preheat function Instant hot water always available
    Digital operating displayEasy to operate and adjust temperature
    Compact measurementsCan be installed almost anywhere
    5-year parts and labour warrantyConfidence and peace of mind

    Our Honest Opinion of the Ideal Independent Combi

    Although small in size, the Ideal independent Combi will provide you with ample heat and hot water provided you choose the right model output and flow rate. Offering a range of outputs from 24kW to 35kW and hot water flow rates from 9.9 to 14.5 litres, the boiler is a good solution for virtually any property type and size. It doesn’t require any tanks or a hot water cylinder, so this unit is perfect for apartments and dwellings without much storage space too.

    The hot water temperature is limited to a maximum of 65°C and the central heating temperature to a max of 80°C, both of which can be adjusted via the control panel knobs. Many engineers have said that the appliance is not only great value for money but also extremely easy to install and very quiet when in operation so it can be installed with minimal fuss and be sited in or near a busy room.

    Having looked at the feedback from customers and engineers, it has become clear that Ideal’s customer service isn’t always great and the brand often replaces well-made components with cheaper alternatives. However, there are plenty of excellent reviews out there too, so we suggest you liaise with an engineer who has lots of experience in dealing with Ideal and its products before you make your decision about this boiler.

    Advice on Boiler Quotes and Gas Safe Engineers

    If you’re thinking about purchasing the Ideal Independent Combi Boiler, don’t forget to get quotes on both the appliance and installation work so that you know how precisely how much your boiler replacement is going to cost. It’s also crucial to check that your chosen engineer is listed on Gas Safe Register, which confirms that they are legally allowed to fit your new gas boiler. To save time and money, you can get boiler replacement and installation quotes right away by using our free online service. What’s more, we only provide you with quotes from Gas Safe installers and engineers.


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