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    Ideal Logic Plus System Boilers

    With four outputs available, the Ideal Logic+ System Boiler ranges between £835.39 and £969.99 including VAT and excluding installation.

    Ideal Vogue System

    Boasting a kitchen cupboard fit design, the Ideal Logic+ System measures 700mm (H) x 395mm (W) x 278mm (D) and can be stored away in the smallest of spaces within your home.

    It requires a cylinder for storing your hot water and comes in a range of outputs including 15kW, 18kW, 24kW and 30kW. This model is also Quiet Mark accredited, meaning it’s one of the quietest boilers on the market and can be installed in or near your busiest rooms.

    With a variety of outputs available to suit most property sizes, the Logic+ System comes with a 7-year parts and labour warranty and will cost you anything between £835.39 and £969.99. In addition to the standard guarantee, the boiler features a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger.

    Boiler Energy Efficiency Credentials

    Known for being an efficient and economical boiler, the Ideal Logic+ System is SEDBUK A rated and Energy Saving Trust recommended. The appliance has an efficiency rating of over 90% and can help to not only reduce energy usage but also lower your bills because it has a wide modulation ratio. This basically means that the boiler can automatically adjust its power output to match your heating requirements, which optimises efficiency and energy savings. To make the boiler even more cost effective, you can use it with a range of optional controls including timers, weather sensors and room thermostats.

    Logic+ System Technology and Main Advantages

    Managing the Logic+ System is made simple thanks to its range of user-friendly controls and fully back-lit LCD display. It also comes complete with built-in frost protection to ensure the boiler performs at its best even during the coldest months of the year.

    As no compartment ventilation is needed, the boiler can be kept hidden away in a kitchen cabinet or small storage space. Your installer won’t have any trouble fitting the appliance either because it has a low lift weight and most of the components are built into the unit.

    Other key features include a PRV wall outlet pipe, a pre-wired mains lead and a universal condensate connection. If you require the boiler to run on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) rather than natural gas, the 30kW unit can be converted with a special LPG conversion kit.

    Is the Ideal Logic+ System the Right Boiler Type and Size for Your Home?

    This model by Ideal is a system boiler, so you will need a hot water cylinder with this appliance. However, the boiler does not need a cold water tank, making it a great option if you have no or very little loft space. Ideal’s Logic+ System range includes units for small, medium and large homes, and the higher your heating and hot water usage habits, the higher the boiler output you’ll need. As it’s important to get the boiler output right, you must ask a Gas Safe engineer to assess your property and demands before purchasing this model. If you buy a boiler that is too small or too big for your home, it will be less efficient and you will not benefit from lower energy bills.


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    A-rated combi boiler Save money on your gas bills
    Received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2013Award-winning boiler
    Good Housekeeping reader recommended in 2013 and 2017Tested and recommended by homeowners
    Quiet Mark approvedUltra-quiet whilst in operation
    NOx Class 5 – Best in classEnvironmentally friendly
    Built-in frost protection Prevents cold weather damage
    Fully back-lit LCD displayEasy to operate and adjust temperature
    Compact measurementsCan be installed almost anywhere
    7-year parts and labour warrantyConfidence and peace of mind
    10-year warranty on heat exchangerAdded peace of mind

    Our Honest Opinion of the Ideal Logic+ System

    The Logic+ System is one of Ideal’s most popular system boilers because it can be installed in a number of locations and is a good choice for homes with multiple bathrooms and a large hot water demand. But that’s not all. This boiler is extremely quiet, incredibly easy to use and has been given the thumbs up by Good Housekeeping readers.

    Installing this boiler should help to reduce your energy wastage and cut your fuel bills as it can provide plenty of heating and hot water without needing to use an excessive amount of energy. It’s also reasonably priced and comes with a great warranty to provide you with comfort and peace of mind.

    We should, however, make you aware that a number of homeowners have complained about the standard of Ideal’s customer service in the past and some engineers have given the boiler an average score for servicing and repairs.

    Advice on Boiler Quotes and Gas Safe Engineers

    To find the most competitive Ideal Logic+ System Boiler and installation quotes, always liaise with a few companies/installers and ask for a fixed price with no hidden extras. Once you’ve chosen an installer, it’s important to check that they’re legally permitted to do all types of gas work. Before any work is carried out, ask to see the engineer’s ID card or run a search at the Gas Safe Register website. If you prefer, you can use our online quotation service to be sent free boiler replacement and installation quotes from Gas Safe professionals.


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