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    Ideal Optional Boiler Controls

    Save money on your energy bills with Ideal Boiler Controls

    Ideal has manufactured a selection of optional boiler controls that help you to create the perfect environment and save money on your energy bills. The full range from Ideal includes electronic and mechanical heating controls, some of which can be fitted in a matter of minutes. Each product is easy to use and designed to give you better control of your heating but you still need to make sure you select the right control to get the best from your boiler and to keep your running costs as low as possible.

    With our handy guide, you can learn more about each of Ideal’s optional heating controls to make it easy for you to select the right product.

    Ideal Mechanical Timer

    The Ideal Mechanical Timer is a 24-hour timer control that has three basic modes including on, timed and off. It’s basically a simple plug-in control that lets you to time your central heating, allowing you to set specific times, leave the heating on continuous or keep it off altogether. Ideal’s Mechanical Timer can be used with the following domestic gas boiler models:

    • Ideal Logic Combi C
    • Ideal Logic Combi C IE
    • Ideal Logic Combi ESP1
    • Ideal Logic Code Combi ESP1
    • Ideal Logic+ Combi C
    • Ideal Logic Max Combi C
    • Ideal Vogue Combi C GEN2
    • Ideal Vogue Combi C IE GEN2
    • Ideal Vogue Max Combi

    This control has a simple tappit dial that is divided into 15-minute intervals and allows you to set your heating on and off times and control your heating over a 24-hour period.

    Ideal Touch Combi

    Ideal’s Touch Combi control is a wireless room thermostat with hot water control that can be used with any current Ideal Vogue, Logic and Logic+ boiler. It’s called the ‘Touch’ Combi because it has a fully interactive and easy to use colour touch screen, allowing you to set heating programmes in seconds. In addition to featuring automatic summer and winter time updates, the Touch Combi has flexible timer options including weekly, day-to-day and weekday/weekend. What’s more, your heating engineer can fit this wireless control in less than 5 minutes.

    Ideal Touch Heat and System

    The Ideal Touch Heat and System control features the same benefits as the Ideal Touch Combi, only it’s designed to work with Ideal’s current range of Logic, Logic+ and Vogue heat and system boilers. It’s an RF programmable room thermostat that can be placed virtually anywhere in the home and comes with a colour touch screen and rotating dial that lets you change the temperature with ease. This control should make your system more efficient and save you some money because it lets you set a 7-day heating schedule to match demand. It’s also Boiler Plus compliant.

    Ideal Touch Connect

    If you’re into seriously smart controls, Ideal’s Touch Connect could be the one for you. It’s an app-controlled thermostat that is compatible with Alexa and enables you to have complete control of your heating and hot water via a tablet or smartphone. Created for use with the Ideal Logic, Logic Max, Vogue Gen 2 and Vogue Max boilers, this wireless room thermostat with colour touch screen enhances boiler efficiency and modulation by using weather data from the internet and providing load compensation based on set and real temperature differences. It comes with pre-programmed and flexible heating scheduling options and takes minutes to install. With Touch Connect, you can choose to set and change temperatures using either the touch screen, the Touch app or voice control through Alexa.

    Ideal RF Electronic Programmable Thermostat

    Compatible with all of Ideal’s Logic and Vogue combi boiler ranges, the RF Electronic Programmable Thermostat gives you better control of your heating and hot water to help save energy and reduce your fuel costs. It saves energy and costs by enabling the boiler output to be modulated by a 7-day timed control of central heating by Opentherm technology. This wireless radio frequency timer and thermostat also offers a range of functions and features, such as holiday mode, frost protection, fault messages, automatic summer and winter time updates and a simple user interface.


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